The Broken Spell by Erika Mc Gann


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The Broken Spell is a sequel to The Demon Notebook but is easily strong enough to be read as a stand alone novel.

Grace and her friends are part of a coven of apprentice witches. Their teachers are eager for them for the to learn the theory behind their craft before they begin to cast spells but the girls have other ideas. Saviour comes in the form of the beautiful Miss Gold. She is eager for the girls to learn by doing. To become fearless powerful witches. As strange events start to occur the girls learn that things are not always what they seem. 

The combination of poetic spell casting and duels combined with school girl drama means the plot moves along at a near perfect pace and the reader is eagerly lured into each chapter. It's a hard one to put down!

Despite the story being centred around myth and magic the regular school setting allows for an exciting novel steeped in fantasy to be very believable.

Every YA fan will want this appearing on their shelves! 


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