Review - The Remembered visit by Edward Gorey


Published 1965 by Simon & Schuster.

Another Gorey with no synopsis anywhere and no high quality cover photo! (apologies)

The remembered visit is a story of neglect, how we neglect ourselves and promises made to those around us. 

Drusilla is taken on a trip abroad by her parents and coerced into activities she doesn't particularly enjoy such as dining on curious dishes that make her ill and and gazing a vast dark paintings in museums. 

One day Drusilla's parents mysteriously fail to return from an outing without her and she is left in the care of a family friend Miss Skrim Pshaw.

She takes her on an outing to a neglected Inn with shabby topiary and Inn keeper with no socks. They share their love of fancy paper and promise to keep in touch. On her way home Drusilla begins to feel a hunger for life again. 

As the days, weeks and years pass Drusilla realise that she has forgotten he promise and that her friend had passed away.

This was a rather sad outing for Gorey. A change from his dark humour reminds us that time and tide waits for no man. 

I've just realised that this is the last story in the Amphigorey series! :( I will now have a dark quirky void in my life...


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