Review - The Moment by Claire Dyer


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An ARC was provided by the author in return for an honest review

To enjoy this book you need to have patience. This is a slow burner. It doesn't take place over years, months or even weeks. We have mere hours to glimpse into the lives of Fern and Elliot. Two people who parted 25 years before under less than ideal circumstances. Never expecting to see each other again, their worlds are shaken by a chance meeting at Paddington station.

The next 10 hours are full of angst and remembering which transfers through to the writing. Some have found this mundane and repetitive but that's the point. Anyone faced with this meeting would spend the day retracing steps in their mind wondering what if, what if, what if?

Elliot spends the day contemplating everything he has lost in life. Fern through cheating and his father through Azheimers. He wallows in self pity and contempt for his ex wife and his needy, immature daughter. Fern, however remembers everything that she has. She remembers the feeling of enjoying mundane tasks like shopping with Jack and thinking " I want to be with this person forever". 

There is no fluffy happy ever after. This story was too real for that. It drives home the point that we never really achieve anything by looking back. We just have to keep moving forward and be happy with our lot.  


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