A Bright Moon for Fools by Jasper Gibson


A review copy was provided free of charge by the book depository in return for an honest review

"Up on two legs, man!"

Absolutely nothing about this book is ordinary. When it came through the letter box I spent 20 mins studying the amazing cover art alone!

Harry Christmas is a charismatic con artist. He has duped his ex wife and made of 26,000 pounds and needs an escape plan. He figures Caracas will be a safe bet. All the while poor Harry has to contend with "the rot" consuming everything with class in this world. The rot includes such things as the internet, hippies and French people. Even the sound of the language warrants being ignored in his books.

On his travels Harry blags his way from situation to situation. His "charm" making up for his lack of funds. His personality seems to be a front that he projects to  a world that is changing without him. This is clear to be seen when he discovers that his psychotic step son is trailing him. Just as he begins to experience  true love and companionship life snaps it away from him. Here the reader gets a glimpse of the man behind the charisma. He is vulnerable and alone in the world.

I really enjoyed the story. He seems to barge through life for the first half of the novel and I found myself laughing out loud at several points. However I found the personality change a little dull and the ending left me a little unsatisfied.


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