Review - WyrmeWeald: Retuners Wealth by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell


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An ARC was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.

I have been a fan of Stewart & Riddell since my early teenage years when I feel in love with the characters and creatures in The Edge Chronicles. So when I saw this on Netgalley I nearly brokemy
mouse bashing the request button :D

It's a tale of kith and kin, friends and foe to the dragon like creatures who inhabit the WyrmeWeald. kin are soul mates to their fire breathing counter parts. When the dragon sheds its first skin the kin will wear it like a second skin that provides a shield against the sharpest arrow. Together they defend their world against a common enemy.

The kith see the Wyrmes as nothing more than cash cows (or dragons). They slaughter them and harvest their valuable bones and organs to be sold to market.

People from the towns and villages undertake excursions to the plains in hope of securing a returners wealth to live in luxury for the rest of there lives. That prize however, is reserved for the few who actually return alive.

I didn't find this story as engaging as The Edge Chronicles but that may be because these stories are just not aimed at my genre any more ( Stupid aging!) It was nice to see a strong willed female in a YA story. I'm tired of pre-pubescent girls fawning over not so dangerous paranormal creatures. *Rolls eyes*

One thing which really disappointed me was the lack of illustrations. I remember drooling over the many illustrations dotted through The Edge Chronicles. Here the reader has to make do with a strip down the right hand side at the start of each chapter :(. The illustrations of each species of dragon are amazing though.

Despite my whining about the lack of artwork I would still recommend this book. It will appeal to male and female readers both young and old (er).


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