Review - Still Alice by Lisa Genova


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With subjects such as suicide and alzheimer's disease this was never going to be an easy read. It's so utterly sad.

However it did make me realise something about Alzheimer's. I've always said I'd happily let someone shoot me if it happened to me. I found the thought of forgetting every memory to be one of the most horrendous things that could happen.

But is it really? Alice was in the same boat. She had planned her suicide. She couldn't imagine being alive when this happened to her but she was, and was she "unhappy"?. It makes us question what defines us as the person we are. Is Alice still Alice? Do our memories define who we are? Perhaps it's the people around us that we are more concerned about. It' something I've often wondered, whether the disease effects the patient or the family more in the later stages. 

I can't say whether I'd recommend this book to anyone with knowledge of the disease as I don't have any personal experience of it (thankfully). However this is one read you won't easily forget (ironic , I know).


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