Review - The Sinking Spell by Edward Gorey


Confession. This is not really a review. Why is that you say? Well, its because I have no idea what this book is actually about. I couldn't even find a freakin synopsis! Here is my makey upy one:

The story begins with a "creature" floating in the sky. I had first thought that this creature may have been the bird on the cover but it doesn't make an appearance so obviously not.  The creature begins to fall through the air . At this point I'm thinking it's the sun because of the effects it has on the clouds:

"The clouds grew pink and gold; its knees were level with the evening tree's"

It then proceeds to enter the house, scaring the maid in the middle of the night. A metaphor for darkness perhaps? Who knows....

It continues down the stairs to the third floor to the urn and into the basement where it shall not be seen anymore. aaaaaaand .......that's it.

Confusing is Edward Gorey's middle name. If you have read this short story and have been able to find meaning in it then please enlighten us all!


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