Review - Red Sky in Morning by Paul Lynch


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"People aren't people. They are animals, brutes, blind and stupid following endless needs they know not of what origin. And all the rest that we place on top to make us feel better is a delusion. The price of life is the burden of your own weight and some people are better off without it.

I wasn't really sure what to make of this it at first. It sort of reminded me of The Playboy of the Western World by J.M Synge. It has this whole "is it often the polis do be callin here" feel. That is not meant as an insult in any type of way.

It shows how frivolous actions, or even the lack of them can have enormous consequences on life as we know it. A fatal accident leads to a typical game of cat and mouse that leads Coll from one hell ( Ireland in the 1800's) to another (The American frontier). Behind him every step of the way is the rugged, terminator like Faller. 

"Everybody's done something, Faller said. It's just a case of who decides"

I found him to be the most interesting character in the books even though I found his ruthlessness a little one dimensional.

"The Fact Remains is that you're afraid of dying. If your heaven was paradise and the life ever after you'd be in a rush to get there"

I'm still not entirely sure of the motive behind his incessant trailing. I read through the first few pages again and couldn't see any obvious mention of family ties?

This isn't a novel that speeds along. I found it a little tedious at times but the imagery is wonderful and almost every piece of text is quotable in it's own right.  


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