Review and Giveaway - Amelia Grey's Fireside Dream by Abby Clements


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They say one of the most stressful things you can do is move house. It ranks right up there with finals at university or say, breaking up with a long term partner. I can see why. If someone told me that I'd have to pack my entire life into a few boxes and cart it off somewhere else I'd probably have a meltdown, and I'm a fairly organised person!

Amelia and her boyfriend Jack decide that they have outgrown their poky one bedroom flat. The need a home. After a few minor hiccups they stumble upon a beautiful cottage. It's a fixer upper, sure but nothing they cant handle right? Wrong. 

While Amelia becomes one track minded in fixing her dream home she becomes oblivious to the cracks forming in her relationship with Jack. They are no longer the most important thing in each others lives. The only thing that matters is the perfect shade of paint and being able to afford the perfect bathtub. Abby did a pretty good job here of representing the emptiness of a relationship that's broken down. 

The morale here is that its not objects that make a house a home, its the people in it. I could definitely relate to the problems presented in this story given that Ireland has just suffered through the worst bursting of a property bubble in history.

The design elements of the novel were wonderfully descriptive and it was very easy to envision the masterpiece that Abby tried so hard to create.

This book really is the perfect autumn read. Once you settle down by the fire on a cold evening with this book you wont want to move!


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