Review - The Wuggly Ump by Edward Gorey


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When I turned the first page of this little novel I thought " Wow an Edward Gorey that's not entirely disturbing". I was envisioning a cuddly that had come to fill these children's lives with Joy. Then hell froze over and pigs flew...

The Wuggly Ump is actually a rather large fellow with jagged teeth that likes to snack on umbrella's, doorknobs...and children. I don't really understand why a creature that likes to eat inanimate objects would suddenly have a craving for flesh of young humans but whatever.

Meanwhile a group of children are playing merrily in the fields, weaving daisy chains and generally enjoying life. However we all know that in Edward Gorey's world children are not permitted to live a long happy life so along comes the Wuggly Ump to devour them whole. 

I'm not entirley sure what the moral of this story is but I think it's that if you're a kid who behaves, eats all your dinner and say your prayers before bedtime a hideous monster will arrive at your front door and eat you. So behave like a  little tyrant and everything will turn out OK. 

Or perhaps it's that life can and will fuck you over no matter how well behaved you are....


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