Review - Plus One is a Lucky Number by Teresa F. Morgan


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An ARC was provided by Harper Impulse in return for an honest review

I was looking for something light and fun to read as my next book for the ARC challenge so I was delighted when I received this book for review.

Unfortunately my delight was short lived. I'm a fairly black and white person so it annoys me when a novel is based around a problem that could be solved with a simple conversation. Sophie invites Adam to be her "plus one" at a wedding. The problem is she has told everyone that this plus one is her other half. Rather than telling her family to mind their own business she decides that Adam needs to pretend to be her boyfriend for the weekend. 

Adam plays the part perfectly and Sophie becomes confused about how she feels about him. What follows is pages and pages of Sophie brooding over Adam and wondering whether he feels the same. 

The book was just too repetitive for me and the characters not rounded enough for my tastes. I just didn't feel like they had a life outside the novel.  If you enjoy simple romance novels then you will enjoy this but if you are looking for something more complex I would look elsewhere.


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