Review - The Light Between Oceans by M.L Stedman


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What is "Right"?..... What is "wrong"?

Who is Mother? Is mother the one who gives birth to the child or the one who feeds, clothes and tucks her in at night? 

These are the murky grey area's between black and white that The Light Between Oceans attempts to investigate. 

Isabel is a strong loving woman, torn apart by loss. 3 Children, buried before they had the chance to play in the sun and discover the wonders that Janus rock has to offer. Tom, her husband only longs to ease his wife's suffering. When a boat is wrecked on the shore late at night carrying a dead body and a screaming infant Isabel is sure her prayers have been answered. God has delivered this infant to her to raise as her own. 

"It's like being in a different world, out there, and a different time: nothing changes except seasons."

The author does a wonderful Job describing the early years on which the 3 characters exist away from life itself on the island of Janus Rock. Although confined to a small Island, Lucy is free. Free to explore with home as easy to find as the looming lighthouse that guides the way through the dark oceans. 

Lucy is being introduced to the world the world beyond Janus Rock when Tom discovers a woman, who, like his wife has been torn apart by loss. The loss of a husband and a child. A child who was swept away in a boat many years before. 

Tom, being sturdy as the rock on which the lighthouse stands does what he believes to be right. He believes the made a terrible mistake, that a mother needs to be with her child. His decisions have far reaching consequences that effect them all for the rest of their lives.

All though this was a very heart-warming read I couldn't help but wonder about certain plot holes. Why does a healthy young man die in a boat. There was a mention of heart problems but still, it seems like a loose ending. Also, why were the men who drove him to that boat never punished? I felt their part within the story could have been developed more.

Saying that this was an emotional read and a début that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone.

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