Review - Bad Houses by Sarah Ryan & Carla Speed Mc Neil


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An ARC was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review

I really need to start reading more graphic novels again. This was amazing. Every frame is like one of Annie's snapshots. The reach into souls of these characters, showing us a split second of their very lives.

The characters in Bad Houses are all very different from each other. We have a hoarder and her socially awkward daughter, A prescription drug addict and a carer. All unique personalities bound by the home town they grew up in. 

Every house has secrets and alot of the houses in Failin are dying. Some are full of hidden gems and some  are just Bad Houses. Houses that have been destroyed by fire, time or some other unfortunate incident. This is where Lewis and his mother come in. It's is their job to sort threw the many secrets these houses hold. As secrets are revealed Lewis and Annie find comfort in each other. They come to realise that it is up to each individual to stop the bitter Failin rot from affecting another generation.

The author did a wonderful job of drawing the reader into the stories of these people. Each felt like it had a past and future, that the actions within had real meaningful consequences for each character that expand beyond the pages. 

Carla's illustrations are spectacular and really help bring a feeling of movement to the story. Each frame is carefully composed and great though was put into what emotions the characters were trying to portray. Illustration can never cover up bad story telling. Here the two work wonderfully together to create this coming of age story.


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