Review - The Unstrung Harp by Edward Gorey


First published in 1953
48 Pages

I adored the droll humour and beautiful pen and ink drawings in The Unstrung Harp. I smiled while reading this but then a growing sense of unease crept in as I felt a wave of familiarity with this story.
Mr Earbass is the voice in your that tells you to just type one more sentence, to just paint one more stroke or  to just finish this chapter. Then you raise your head and realise that, that was 4 hours ago.
He is the niggling voice that reminds you of something long ago that you cannot quite remember, but will not let you rest until the puzzle is solved.
He is the doubt, the voice that try's to convince you that you cannot do this, you will not succeed. 

This tale is not for everyone but will appeal to those who are familiar with the creative process .


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