Review - The Listing Attic by Edward Gorey


Published February 1974 by Abelard-Schuman 
127 pages

Another quirky collection by Edward Gorey. Again we have the wonderful pen and ink drawing combined with the droll dark humour Gorey is known for.

The book consists of a selection of Limericks about various people in mostly dreary ominous situations. Some of these include  throwing children at ceilings, murder, suicide and bathing in brine. Delightful. I can imagine this was quite controversial in 1954. 

As before these tales of dark humour will not amuse everyone. I think several are animated shorts waiting to happen. They would look amazing animated classically in the same pen and ink styles as the original drawings. 


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  1. This book looks amazing! I wonder how he managed to get published in 1954 with such dark humor :)


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