Review - The Cat with the Really Big Head by Roman Dirge


Published on July 22nd 2002 by Slave Labor Publications 
40 pages 

This comic tells the tale of an unfortunate feline who suffers a lifetime of abuse, large hats and Russian radio signals due to his enormous head.

We might like to think that kitty's head is so big due to the size of his brain but alas, no. Unfortunately kitty's problem is due to some horrific genetic defect. It is possible that his father, Humongor Head played a part. 

Max and Molly soon grow tired of the poor kitty and move on to other creatures to shower with affection. 

Poor kitty becomes depressed. He can't stalk his pray, he can't play outside and he can't eat unaided. 

But today, for one day, kitty will eat with dignity and be like every other feline. He will be normal. It doesn't end well. 

And now for the other story, that isn't as good (but is as good):

The big Question

Little Alisa McGee was a wonderful little girl with her whole life ahead of her, until she ended up dead. Of course the only person who is available to answer her question is the autopsy man. The only logical solution is for her to stalk him until she finds her answer.

The illustrations throughout both tales are wonderful and well matched with Dirge's dark humour. 


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