Review - The Bug Book by Edward Gorey


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Originally published in 1987

A nice, if not slightly racist story of group of Colourful bugs that live in tea cups and bottles. They have parties and get togethers and just generally enjoy being bugs. That is, until one day a huge ass black bug shows up to cause havoc by separating and alienating the little communities.

They try (not very hard) to reason with the black bug, without success. So the bugs think to themselves "fuck this shit lads we need to get rid of bugger". They concoct a cunning plan squash the life out of the poor black bug and leave him for the 5 o clock post.....Sicko's.


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  1. Ok so I read.. and then laughed... and I am not really sure what to say to all that! :)

    1. Ha! It was really early in the morning when I wrote this :P

  2. Wow - well, I can see where the racism slant comes in!

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