Review - 99 reasons everyone hates Facebook by Emmet Purcell


Published 12th May 2013 by Smith Publishing
173 pages

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.

I thought I would hate this book. I thought wrong. It was witty and relateable. This is the book equivalent of a good coffee and bitching session with friends. The truth is we're all guilty of at least one of the points mentioned in this book. What's that you say? You're not?.....Then you're a dirty rotten liar. 

Some gems include:

"You see actual great thinkers of our time associated with vague, meaningless sentences:

“Apologizing does not always mean dat ur wrong and the other person is ryt. It just means dat u value ur relationship more dan ur ego.” – William Shakespeare"

Christ on a bike. The sad thing is that this is mild compared to some of the "quotes" I've seen on Facebook. Probably the most annoying being the "I'm not perfect, I have curves blah blah" shite you see badly pasted on top of some random scenic view. 

"To think, Robin William’s technician character from One Hour Photo had a murderous lust just because he envied the main family of the movie’s picture-perfect lifestyle – imagine how quickly he’d try to kill someone that presented him with entire collage of two Instagrammed teenagers lying in the grass for 200 blimmin’ shots."

I almost pee'd myself laughing at this. Instagram is a whole new level of ugly photo filtered stupid and would warrant it's own blog post so I won't go into that any further. 

The truth is a lot of online behaviour is borderline psychotic in nature when compared with real life. Yet we all log on everyday regardless. It's like car crash TV, you just cant stay away.

Now I want to share a little feature with you that some people on Facebook have not discovered. Sick of friends sharing pictures of ill babies and dying soldiers? Go to their page and click the button that says "friends". You will be presented with a drop down menu. Un click the "Show in news feed" button. No more sad babies/soldiers/puppies from said person without having to "unfriend" them. And the best part? They'll never know you've done it. *Evil laugh*.  


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  1. sounds like it could be entertaining read! Thanks for posting!


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