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Book Review by @hannahjleslie - Always Watching by @ChevyStevens


As a psychiatrist, Nadine Lavoie wants to help people, but she has dark troubles of her own - some she can't even think about and some she can't even remember.

When a distraught young woman is taken to the hospital where Nadine works, it triggers horrific memories for Nadine. Digging deeper, she forces herself to confront her past and the damage done to her when she and her brother were brought to a remote commune as children.

What happened to the innocent girl she once was? Why was her family destroyed? Nadine has no idea that by asking these questions, she will put herself in a danger she could never have imagined.
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Review by Hannah:

Have you ever had that feeling someone is watching you, but when you turn round no one is there?

Do you ever have that gut feeling that something is just not right?

Nadine Lavoie has that feeling. But for Nadine, it could be more than a feeling..............

After experiencing an attack outside her home, her husband dying and her daughter missing, Nadine felt a change was needed. So Nadine moved house and started work in a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit.

Guest Post: On the Street Where You Live by @roisinmeaney @HachetteIre


Choir member Molly sees a young boy who she's convinced is her grandson, but how does she find out the truth when her son Philip ran away to New Zealand five years ago?

Meanwhile Molly's daughter Emily has fallen in love for the second time in her life. Except this time it's with the wrong man ...

While choir leader Christopher, who closed off his heart to love a long time ago, is making do with snatched trysts with new member Jane - who also happens to be married. But then American author Freddie moves in next door and suddenly things begin to get complicated.

As performance night approaches, the heatwave breaks and members of the choir discover that their lives intertwine more than they could ever have imagined. But are the inhabitants of the town ready for what happens next?

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Guest Post: Food Glorious Food!

My name is Roisin Meaney and I am a foodaholic. My most successful relationship to date (sigh) has been with food: I love it to bits, and I’m pretty confident it loves me right back. I will eat virtually anything that’s placed in front of me, even if it’s not something I’d necessarily choose from a menu. The only area I would be a little iffy about is the whole shellfish scenario, particularly if the shell in question contains something whose texture is a little . . . wobbly. Oysters in particular would test my love, but if pushed, I’d be prepared to wash them down with an ocean of Guinness. Love means never having to say no thanks, I’d rather a steak.

Surprisingly, given the great depth of my affection for food, I am not and never will be an accomplished cook. I am one of a gang of four who rotate the dinner parties between our houses. One of the other three is a born cook – she just flings things into a pan, or a pot, or the oven, and a meal of fabulous deliciousness emerges. The other two, while not as inspired in the kitchen as the first, are pretty solid cooks, and always deliver very tasty dinners indeed.

Book Review: One Bad Turn by @SCrowleyAuthor @QuercusBooks


One Bad Turn by Sinead Crowley review

Being held hostage at gunpoint by her childhood friend is not Dr Heather Gilmore's idea of a good day at work. It only gets worse when she hears that her nineteen-year-old daughter Leah has been kidnapped. Sergeant Claire Boyle wasn't expecting to get caught up in a hostage situation during a doctor's appointment. When it becomes apparent that the kidnapping is somehow linked to the hostage-taker, a woman called Eileen Delaney, she is put in charge of finding the missing girl. What happened between Eileen and Heather to make Eileen so determined to ruin her old friend? Claire Boyle must dig up the secrets from their pasts to find out - and quickly, because Leah is still missing, and time is running out to save her.


I can still remember opening the first page of Can Anybody Help Me and being absolutely captivated by that incredible debut by Sinead Crowley. I knew from that moment that I'd be a die hard fan. 
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