Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Guest post: author Linda Flanders on Crisis Intervention

CRISIS INTERVENTION 101 In America, one in four people live with a diagnosable mental illness. Sadly, one in six of those people will have some contact with the police during their lifetime. Tragically, jails and prisons house ten times more people living with a mental illness as there are in hospitals. We want to change that. Mental illness is a brain disorder or chemical imbalance. It cares nothing for race, religion, age or gender. It doesn’t matter if we’re rich or poor, a brilliant mathematician or in special ed. It’s simply another form of illness or injury that affects human beings. And, a mental health crisis is a medical crisis. A person needs help. Crisis Intervention 101 gives a simple overview of mental health and the calls first responders most often are called to; reasons why a crisis can happen, and offers basic understanding about how to verbally de-escalate a crisis. These skills are taught in a common sense approach, and are appropriate for law enforcement, emergency responders, school personnel and advocates. They can also be learned by anyone. They should be learned by everyone. Used across the nation, these de-escalation steps are a change to the traditional authoritarian model. Rather than giving orders, we learn how to “actively listen.” The book uses pictures and short descriptions to show how to build a truthful and honest rapport with another person and how to offer options; allowing a person time to choose the best option under the circumstances. We all want to be understood. These are human communication skills and can be mastered by us all. Imagine the difference if we did. Imagine a world if we do. This basic book includes links to two accompanying videos. These short videos show an overview of a mental health crisis and examples of the verbal de-escalation steps in action. The book and videos are used in a crisis intervention advanced training designed specifically for rural law enforcement.The class is approved by Minnesota Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) for continuing education credits for law enforcement. It can be adapted for anyone who works with people in crisis. 50% of the proceeds from this book are donated to advocacy organizations: 25% to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) St. Croix Valley 25% to HOPE Coalition to end child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and homelessness.

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Eating clean for life: How author @PerryKimberly lost 60 pounds

Eat Clean for Life is a comprehensive program that teaches you step by step how to start eating a healthy diet that will promote good health, more energy, weight loss and beautiful skin. Clean eating consist of eating wholesome, natural foods and eliminating processed junk food. It is a revolutionary program to restore the body's natural ability to heal itself. The book contains simple instructions on what to eat, what to avoid, meal plans and lots of delicious recipes. This book is not just about food. You will also learn about stress reduction, deep breathing, exercise, Ecotherapy, hydrotherapy and exercises that promote energy and healing. There's also a special section on weight loss to show you how to lose up to 10 pounds in 30 days!

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

The benefits of blogging with author @cubbymom0403

Rheanon Donatesu taught at a prestigious girls school in London. She prided her self in being able to take a young woman under her wing to teach her about science and mostly how to be a leader of women. Clearly an independent woman. Rheanon had always been wild and impetuous. She could turn stone into dust and best anyone at whist, even play cards with the finest gentleman in England and win. What she couldn’t do is wait any longer for the man she loved to come back to her. She tried her hardest to find out where he was, writing letters and talking to his dear mother who was her aunt by marriage.

Rheanon tried even hard to keep her special abilities a secret. Their were only a few who knew about her sorcery Those were the Five Stars.

Her arch nemesis went missing one night during one of the card games. No one could find out who took Miss Lisbeth Ashley. That is until a Bow Street Runner comes knocking on Rheanon’s door asking too many questions. Then another pulls her right off of the street for questioning. This one vowed he would have her in his bed. He would have a hard time convincing her.

Why on earth would they suspect Rheanon? Only one person knows and that person is closer to Rheanon than anybody suspected.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Discussion: Girl power in books with @magicaeseries

A festival in Nosaj’s honor has been interrupted by a mysterious challenger wearing the Circulus de Potentia, a band of gold that gives him unstoppable strength and power. One by one the Guardians fall and a race is on for Alex to go find the wizard with a secret regarding the curious symbol on the golden band. Finding this peculiar wizard named Pythagoras wouldn't be such a daunting task if it wasn't for the packs of wolves that roam the forest and a maze she and her friends will have to solve as well as a riddle fashioned by Daedalus himself. What awaits Alex in the Forest of Factors? Can Archimedes solve the equation in time? Can the Guardians stop this invincible challenger?

A symbol unknown, a riddle unsolved, a maze guarded by a monster, a race against time to find the secrets of the Circulus de Potentia and the most precious thing in the world.

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