Monday, 15 September 2014

Giveaway: An Audible Autumn

I know were all going to miss the summer. The days are starting to close and the sweaters and gloves are going to come out soon. On a dark evening when your too tired to pick up a book I find that there's nothing more relaxing than sitting beside the fire and listening to a good audio book. 

Below you'll find a round up of Audible's latest releases for autumn and the chance to win an audio book of your choice from Audible! 
[UK and Ireland only]

The stakes have never been higher - because this time, it's personal.

Jack Reacher walks alone. Once a go-to hard man in the US military police, now he's a drifter of no fixed abode. But the army tracks him down. Because someone has taken a long-range shot at the French president. Only one man could have done it. And Reacher is the one man who can find him.

It is 1922, and London is tense. In South London, in a genteel Camberwell villa, a large silent house now bereft of brothers, husband and even servants, life is about to be transformed, as impoverished widow Mrs Wray and her spinster daughter, Frances, are obliged to take in lodgers. For with the arrival of Lilian and Leonard Barber, a modern young couple of the 'clerk class', the routines of the house will be shaken up in unexpected ways.

As the decisions made in the corridors of power bring the world to the brink of oblivion, five families from across the globe are brought together in an unforgettable tale of passion and conflict during the Cold War.
“The master storyteller, Ken Follett, knits together British, American, German and Russian points of view from the start to the end of the First World War into a fascinating and remarkably fertile tapestry of society and politics” (The Times)

Over the years, Ian Rankin has amassed an incredible portfolio of short stories. Published in crime magazines, composed for events, broadcast on radio, they all share the best qualities of his phenomenally popular Rebus novels.
Brought together for the first time, and including brand new material, this is the ultimate Rebus short-story collection and a must-have book for crime lovers and for Ian's millions of fans alike.

Terry Pratchett has become well-known and respected as an outspoken campaigner for causes including Alzheimer's research and animal rights. A Slip of the Keyboard brings together for the first time the finest examples of Pratchett's non-fiction writing, both serious and surreal.This collection brings Pratchett out from behind the scenes of the Discworld to speak for himself - man and boy, bibliophile and computer geek, 
champion of hats, orang-utans and Dignity in Dying.

It's been ten years since Graham’s last book. This is his funny and honest memoir on the theme of love. Graham tells his story from his Irish childhood to the present day, describing just what and who he loved - and sometimes lost - as a young boy, and his new loves and obsessions - big and small - as he's grown older.
From Dolly Parton and dogs to wine and Ireland, Graham tells of his life and loves with characteristic humour and outrageous candour.

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  • The competition is open to UK and Ireland residents only 
  • I reserve the right to remove entry's if entrants are found to be cheating

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Little Lies by Liane Moriarty


Published: July 2014
Publisher: Penguin
Format: eBook

Little lies was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review

There has been a lot of hype around this book so when I was approved for a review copy I couldn't wait to get my teeth into it. 

It's certainly a slow burner. It really reminded me of The Slap. It has the same sort of story line. One major issue which divides a whole community and asks the reader, which side are you on.

The main difference here is that the "event" is at the end of the book and we are brought to that point very slowly. We get a glimpse into the lives of the children and parents of Pirriwee during the months that lead up to the trivia night.

We learn that Pirriwee is a small costal town with one school. One school means many different classes of parents are destined to meet every morning and afternoon. Friendships are forged but so too are enemies.

We have Jane and her child Ziggy, who is accused of bullying a classmate. This marks the starting point of what can only be described as a witch hunt against a child barely out of diapers. The parents go so far as to pass around a petition insisting that he be expelled.

There is Madeline, Ed, her ex husband and his new wife Bonnie. They have they're own set of problems. Patrick walked on Madeline and they're newborn yet now he's father of the year to his new family. I quite liked reading about these characters as I really felt Madeline's hurt come through in the writing. 

Finally there's Celeste and Perry. They are incredibly wealthy. Celeste doesn't know how well off they are exactly but well off enough for her to donate 20,000 to charity in one evening without blinking. There is one catch. Perry is an extremely fucked up individual and he often takes his anger out on Celeste..

My main issue with this book is that the plot was too thin for the length. I enjoyed delving into each of the characters but there came a point where I was just longing for something to happen. The story was too simplistic to give away little bits to keep the reader interested. As an avid crime fiction reader I found a lot of it to be quite "fluffy". I almost gave up at about the halfway mark. I'm glad I didn't though.

At about the 75% mark the pace started to pick up. Things moved faster as we got closer and closer to trivia night. I found the ending a little predictable but I still got caught up in the suspense of it all. 

Another plus is the humor injected throughout. Little sections are told in a one line style from characters being interviewed after the event and a lot of it is really hilarious.

I think this book will certainly appeal to the masses. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a quick read with a light but interesting plot line. Just prepare to be a little bored for the first half or so


★★★★ ☆

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Making Marion by @bethcmoran


Published: June 2014
Publisher: Lion Fiction
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 320

This book was provided by Midas PR in return for an honest review.

Don't be fooled by the cover. This book is not nearly as light and fluffy as it suggests.

This book may be titled "Making Marion" but it's also about how she was broken in the process that led her to this point. 

Marion has dropped everything. She has abandoned her previous life and taken a one way ferry to the UK. At first we get the impression that Marion is a bit of an airhead who makes decisions on a whim without any real thought. She finds herself at the Peace and Pigs campsite where she accepts a job as general dogs body. After all she has know where to go and nobody to go there with.

The campsite is full of colorful characters and the writing is genuinely funny in parts. The lord and lady of the manor have a habit of expressing they're love for one another in the most inconvenient of places.

The humor is divided by flashes of Marion's dark and violent past. Where a child should experience love and caring she experienced nothing but blame and abuse. It was then that we see why she was so desperate to get away. 

As she begins to come to terms with her past she also finds a new future. A future full of the love and friendship that she never had as a child.

It's a little long winded in places and I felt the ending could have been a little better but overall it was great read. A good mix of humor and mystery!

Also Sherwood Forest looks just as amazing in real life! :


★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Prophecy of Bees by R.S Pateman

Published : November 2014
Publisher: Orion
Format: eBook

A Copy was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.

This is all I can think of at the min:

"Or what? You'll release the dogs, or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark, they shoot bees at you? Well, go ahead! Do your worst!"

I almost stopped reading this. It had everything I hate about YA:

1) A whiny teen
2) A whiny teen moving house
3)A whiny teen moving house who hates her mother

and her name is IsaBELLA! 

Not a good start!

I'm sort of glad I stuck with it...sort of. I really wasn't interested the drama between Isabella and her mother. Or her pining over her goth ex boyfriend Cosmo ...*shudder* He was in a band! Isn't that so kewl!

I did love then superstition in book. Pateman did a great job of translating the old world fear that comes with sometimes comes with small towns full of older people.

The big downfall in this book is it's lack of suspense. In a book like this you need to keep the reader on the edge of their seats. You need to constantly keep them guessing. The characters just weren't interesting enough for me so ultimately I didn't really care what happened to any of them.

However...the that took guts. Not many authors would have the balls to do that so that earned this book an extra star. 


★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Fed up

Warning! Rant ahead! 

I'm fed up. Really really fed up. For those of you asking "why is she talking about feeling full?" Its a word we used for bored, frustrated..etc..

I'm fed up with reading
I'm fed up when I'm not reading
I turn on the TV and get fed up because there's nothing on
I'm fed up in work and on my days off
But mostly I'm just fed up with pain!

I've never had great hips but I've always ignored it. Being a bit sore after a long walk up the mountains or a long day at work, that's normal right? Apparently not. About a year ago the pain started to get stronger and more frequent. Then almost over night it got so bad I was unable to get up off the sofa because of the pain.

After weeks of suffering (stupidity on my part) I eventually went to see the doc but I still thought I was going mental to be honest. Many doctors visits, an X-Ray and an MRI later showed degeneration in the joints so the doc loaded me up with every pain killer imaginable and booked an appointment with a specialist.

After months of waiting I finally got a date for the appointment but in the mean time, if I stand for too long I ache but if I sit for too long either I'm in bits! 

This part was the hardest for me because I used to love sitting in my big comfy chair for hours at a time with a good book. This pain has really put me off reading :( 

This time next week Ill be that much closer to a diagnoses...which will more than likely be degenerative arthritis. Did I mention that I'm 27 and not 77? 

Anyway that's enough ranting. I've just re read this and it makes me sound like such a whiny bitch!

Hopefully when I get a more effective method pain relief I'll be back to posting on a more regular basis.

For now I'm off to get drunk and stand on my head or whatever else I have to do to get comfortable!

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Monday, 25 August 2014

The Wraith by @joe_hill


Published: August 2014
Publisher: IDW publishing
Format: Digital Graphic novel

A copy was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.

I loved everything about this graphic novel. It was brilliant!. I haven't read NOS4A2 so I thought this would be a good introduction to Charlie Manx and his world.

3 prisoners are being transferred when they decide that this would be the
perfect time to escape. However everything doesn't go exactly as planned and they end up stranded in the middle of nowhere. Not to worry though. One of them has a favor to call in from Charlie Manx. He has a knack for making people disappear..

Charlie takes them to Christmas land. The land where all of expectations and broken promises of his youth are undone. A place where all the wrongs are righted. Here Charlie and his children are happy. Here they will never be tricked or humiliated...They rule this world.

 Here he and his children are free to frolic and play delightfully gruesome games such as "scissors for the drifter."

The problem is that there is only one way in and out of Christmas land. The wraith holds the key to Christmas land and Charlie holds the key to the wraith.

What follows is nothing short of a bloodbath! The Story comes full circle in an ending which could easily stand on its own as a separate story. 

I loved the artwork. It was just as prominent ( if not more so) than the text. The erratic use of line and limited color palate really added to the creep factor. 

This is certainly a must for all Horror fans. I can't wait to get into NOS4A2 now!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

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